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GoddessChannel is a collaboration between fine artist Penny Slinger & multimedia artist Dhiren Dasu.

Penny is known for her many books, photo-collages, videos, surreal and Tantric art.

Dhiren's background is in web design, 2D animation, audio/video production, graphic design, and visual effects.

We strive to create visual art & music that travel seamlessly through genres, cultures, modern and ancient.

We aim to provide experiences that move you. . .

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New Releases: May 2009

Rainbow Body Awakening (DVD)

Your body is a rainbow.

A spectrum of infinite potential. Rainbow Body Awakening is an audio-video interpretation of the seven energy centers (Chakras) present within us all. Beautiful dancers express each of these energies, bathed in colors as if in a sea of dreams. They invite you to explore and experience these realms and dance with them.

By Penny Slinger & Dhiren Dasu


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Rainbow Body Awakening



Polynations (DVD)

A global techno experience.

GoddessChannel is proud to present the latest collaboration between artists and musicians Penny Slinger, Neal Stewart, & Dhiren Dasu.

Polynations is an audio/video album that flows through different world cultures and genres of techno, trance, house, hip-hop, breakbeat, dub, & spoken word.

Videos by Penny Slinger & Dhiren Dasu

Music by Neal Stewart & Dhiren Dasu


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